CE-2 Instructor Application Form

Each instructor affiliated with an approved provider must submit form CE-2 to the Board. The application must be filled out completely and returned with the appropriate fees. Each instructor must submit a separate application.

Please fill out the online form below. If you wish to print out and mail your CE-2 Instructor application form instead, please Click Here.

    1. Found by the Board to have professional or trade experience or other special qualifications qualifying him/her to teach continuing education courses.
    2. Display proven knowledge of subject material.
    3. A "qualified code enforcement official" with proven teaching experience.

    A letter of recommendation from the provider and resume reflecting expertise within his/her area of specialty and prior teaching experience must be submitted with application.

    The provider must be approved. If the provider has not been approved by the Board, you must submit form CE-1 along with this application.

    Please submit $25.00 along with this application in order to be considered by the Board. Payments can be made by check, money order, or credit card MasterCard and Visa only).