Complaints can be submitted to the Board via the website, paper mail or email to

Once received by the Board the complaints are reviewed to determine if we, the Board, have jurisdiction in the matter and a letter will be sent to the complainant via USPS stating whether the complaint has been opened, needs more information, or is not under the jurisdiction of the Board.
Once a complaint has been opened it will be assigned a case number beginning with the year filed followed by a number, i.e., 2020-300. This number should be noted for your records and when contacting the Board for quick identification.

Your complaint will be sent to the contractor in question and a 20-day due process timeline will begin in hopes that some agreement or remedy can be found in this period. During this time no other contractor other than the party mentioned in the complaint should perform any maintenance or work on the unit(s) in question. Once the 20 days, from the date of the opening has expired you can request an inspection of your home or business via email at or by post to:

State of Alabama Board of Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors
PO Box 305025
Montgomery, AL 36130-5025

Once in receipt of the request a State of Alabama HACR Investigator will be in contact with you to set up your inspection. They will generate a letter of their findings of code violation to the contractor first, and then to you the consumer. Once in possession of the violation letter you can proceed with either allowing the original contractor to do repairs which will warrant a reinspection by the Board, or you may choose to get TWO itemized estimates for the repair of the violations from at least two other state licensed contractor. These estimates will be submitted to the Board for approval which will begin the process of either a claim on the contractor’s bond or direct payment from the original contractor. No reinspection will be given for the repairing contractor and any future issues would need to be addressed in a new and separate complaint.

Any questions or clarification of this process please contact Jennifer Hargrove at 334-242-5550 ext. 3 or via email at