Frequently Asked Questions


How long after I am approved to sit for the exam test do I have to take the exam?

An individual has one calendar year from the day their examination application is approved to take the exam. After one year that person must re-apply for examination. No refunds will be issued under any circumstances. (§34-31-29(C))

When does my license expire?

Every contractor’s certification is considered lapsed if not renewed by December 31 of each year. If the certification is not renewed with penalties within one year after it has lapsed the certification is expired and that person must apply to sit for the exam in order to become certified again. (440-X-3-.05)

How many continuing education hours do I need each year?

Every contractor must take 4 continuing education hours each year. A contractor may take as many as 8 hours in a single year and carry over 4 of those hours to the next renewal cycle. Any additional hours taken above 8 hours will not carry over. (440-X-3.05)

What are the requirements for displaying my certification number?

A certification number must be displayed on all vehicles associated with a heating, air conditioning, or refrigeration entity; as well on all forms of advertising such as signs, billboards, business cards, website home pages, radio advertisements, television commercials, etc.; all invoices, estimates, quotes, letterhead, etc. Certification numbers are not required on employee uniforms. (§34-31-24(b))

What are the requirements for realty management companies?

Realty management companies who manage property owned by others must hold a certification by the Board if they perform heating, air conditioning, and/or refrigeration installation, service, or repair work on those properties. (440-X-3-.02(2))

Am I required to hold a certification if I’m only cleaning duct work and/or changing filters?

Yes. A heating and air conditioning certification is required for any entity involved in air duct cleaning service, filter changing service, replacement of air filters or filter media, and the cleaning of heating, air conditioning, or refrigeration equipment, components, or systems. (440-X-3-.01(3))