November 18, 2020 Board Meeting Notes

The November 18,  2020 Board meeting was held via Zoom Meeting Online.

The Board meeting started promptly at 11:00 a.m. Immediately following call to order, the Board approved the minutes from the September 2nd Board meeting.

After approval of the last meeting’s minutes we had two appearances for second licenses. The Board voted to approve a second license for Greg Gill with Benchmark Mechanical and for Robert Downes with One Source.

The agency report was given with discussion about reciprocity with Georgia and the status of renewals. Approximately 30% of contractors have renewed their licenses and of those 90% did so online.

New business was discussed where the Board voted to keep the current officers who served in 2020 for the duration of 2021. Additionally, the Board set the first meeting for 2021 for January 13, 2021.

A discussion was held regarding the Executive Director’s annual review. A question was posed regarding other board employees where it was explained that they are under the merit system and they have annual reviews that include raises if they make a high enough score on their evaluations. A pay raise was approved for the Executive Director from Step 10 to Step 12 of his current paygrade.

The investigative committee report was given where the Board approved to go forward with disciplinary action against 15 contractors. Additionally, one consent agreement and 13 settlement agreements from previous disciplinary actions were accepted.

During the Education committee report, the Board approved to accept the recommendation to approved one new provider, one non-traditional CE request, eight new courses and seven new instructors. Additionally, one non-traditional CE request was denied.

The financial report was given. The Board is operating business as usual with approximately $44,000 in surplus that may be required to be turned over to the Alabama Home Builders Education Fund. We are waiting on further instruction as to what to do with that surplus, as the money was due to a reimbursement on payroll expenses from the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Next the Board ratified 57 new contractors/licensees.

Board pay expenses were approved and the Board adjourned at 12:13 p.m.